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Monday, April 6, 2009


Wedang Secang is a traditional beverage from Indonesia, specifically from Central Java. In the past, it was the drink of the Javanese Royal Family, but nowadays Secang is available in many places for everybody. In several traditional market, like Pasar Beringharjo Yogyakarta, we can find it in the herbal corner as a dry herbal. In several supermarket, it even comes in a instant sachet package, likr in a tea bag. The easinest to find the different form of Wedang Secang have made it's the popularity rise again, after it was almost forgotten. Secang ? Secang is actually a herbal tree which grow in a tropical country espescially in an open space up to 1000m above the sea. It's latin name is Caesalpia sappan L. and belong to the Caesalpiniaceae familia. To make the beverages, we need the wood of the tree. First the wood need to peel from its skin, then copped into small pieces and then dried. The copped wood is then combine with other herbal to make the beverage. Secang drink is good for health, Besides improving stamina, the drink is also believed to be able to overcome flatulence, colds and to make the body warm.In the village, spice plants, as the material basis of making the drink secang easily found. Crops that had become the reason for Europeans


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