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Monday, March 16, 2009


Wedang is Javanese language to call these hot drink. It can be tea, coffee or ginger tea or any drink that is hot enough to sweep these cold out from our body in raining season in Java so is very healthy for our body. 

Actually ginger tea (Wedang Jahe) is not a kind of tea, nor it is made from tea leaves. It is made from ginger and it is a cheap spice in Indonesia eventhough it is called exotic by western people.

Wedang Jahe can be found anywhere from hawker stall to restaurant. These hawkers will push a removable stall and selling these from house blocks to another area all days. The sound of spoon hitting porcelain bowl will immediately signal these students living in boarding house or office workers to go out to buy these Wedang or fried food or even vegetables sold by hawkers.


balidreamhome said...

wokeh Sudah bisa bro....

MEndung - mendung koyo ngene iki pancen enake wedang jahe karo singkong goreng :-)

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